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Theatre's magic. You can put on a play in a theatre or a converted space or a garage or a field or a runway. Get an audience. Spread the word. Job done.

Full-length plays (60+ mins)

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MADE IN IRELAND 75 mins no interval 

Comedy drama  6-hander (based on my Original Film Made In Ireland. Stage adaptation by me.)

Performed in Apr 2022.

Actors. Julia Fossi, Billy Jeffries, Kiva Murphy, Adrian Smith, Rebecca TanwenHunter Tremayne 

Dir. Constance Flint

RAW BEAUTY 100 mins incl. one interval (2nd round Papatango 2018)

Dark comedy drama  4-hander


KAI and RACHEL are a couple. But they've reached a point where they question (loudly and in public) whether they want to be a couple anymore. Then an attack on the street forces a decision.

Raw Beauty is about loss and grief and love and hope and the state of the world today – and why it's never a good idea to give blood on an empty stomach.

Performed in Barcelona, Spain (Nov 2019, Jan 2020, Feb 2020)

Actors. Nick Dutton, Julia Fossi, Alba Miquel, Lucy O'Shea

Dir. Constance Flint

THELMA AND LOUISE - AND KAREN 90 mins incl. one interval

Comedy drama  3-hander

Performed in Barcelona, Spain (2016) and Bread & Roses theatre London, UK (2016)

Actors. Stephanie FigueiraJulia Fossi, Wendy Lee Taylor,     Voice Actor: Al Fisher

Dir. Georgina Tremayne

MADNESS SWEET MADNESS 60 mins WINNER Manchester 24/7 BIG theatre festival

Drama  4-hander

Performed at Manchester University, UK (2015), Lantern theatre, Liverpool, UK (2015)

Tinta Roja, Barcelona, Spain (2016), Vic, Spain (2016)

Liverpool Echo review "A mind bend!"

MARIE'S CRISIS CAFE 60 mins WINNER New Writing Award Leatherhead drama festival

Comedy drama  4-hander

Performed at Leatherhead, UK (2015), Tinta Roja, Barcelona, Spain (2015), Vic, Spain (2015)

Actors. Julia Fossi, Sebastian Ghandchi, Elena Diachenko/Aline Davis, Stephan Wiks

Dir. Hunter Tremayne

SHORT plays (-30 mins)

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All 2-hander one-acts. Runtime 7 to 25 mins

RIVER LIMPOPO Dark comedy DEATH ON TWO LEGS Dark comedy VENUS IN 3D Surreal comedy 



Actors in Short playsRoger Batalla, Poppie Cullen, Silvia Forns, Julia FossiSebastian Ghandchi,

Alba GuileraAddya Panayiotou, Dan Speed, Hunter TremayneStephan Wiks  

Directors: Ignacio RodóHunter Tremayne 

VenuesTinta Roja, mini-theatre Raval, mini-theatre Gracia Barcelona 

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