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MADE IN IRELAND - optioned IMDb - In development

Feature film 

TREVOR (2023) - Produced

Comedy drama Feature film

Screenplay by Georgina Tremayne

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International Film Festival Cerdanya, Spain (2020)

International Film Festival Islantilla, Spain (2020)

TREVOR Review 

The last of the twelve feature films of this edition came from the United Kingdom, but with a high Spanish accent. The comedy 'Trevor' by Carlos Domeque closed last night a magnificent Official Section of Feature Films. Comedy has been the main protagonist this week of full-length films. British humour has always enjoyed very good health, and good proof of this is this funny comedy's sharp dialogue.

Trevor and his second wife, Wendy, live in a beautiful restored farmhouse in a remote part of Spain with their guest Finchy and Antxón, a local handyman. Jen, Trevor's daughter, is coming to visit with her boyfriend after nearly a decade without seeing her father. Written by Georgina Tremayne that serves Carlos Domeque on a platter a magnificent divertimento at the service of a cast in a state of grace. All the performers masterfully solve their characters, but among all of them we must highlight its great protagonist, Hunter Tremayne, who brings to the skin of his protagonist all the necessary ingredients to make him shine with greater luminosity. Michele Falci's excellent cinematography and Jeff Faustman's score do the rest to make this great comedy work like clockwork. An unbeatable end of party for the Official Section of Feature Films.

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Fab article from Script Angel

A SIMPLE ROOM (2018) - Produced

Psychological Drama short film 13'

Screenplay by Georgina Tremayne


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